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Talking of t shirt printing, there are a few popular methods available. Once you know your available choices, you can find it easy to pick the most suitable printing technology. You can then print your t-shirts in the most cost effective way.

Today, we look into 3 popular mode of t shirt printing in Singapore, namely, screen printing, heat transfer printing and direct to garment printing.

Most Popular T Shirt Printing Choice – Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is one of the more popular way for printing tee shirts in Singapore. Basically, there are many advantages for choosing silk screen printing over the other mode of printing. Screen print produce durable and long lasting print quality. With repeated washing, the logo would still last throughout. Unlike heat transfer print, silkscreen printing are meant to last so much longer than the rest.

With no doubt, silkscreen printing is indeed the most value for money option to go for. The process is very simple. Silk screen printing involves a separate setup for each colour printed. Thus, the more tee shirt you print, the per unit cost reduces due to the fact that the setup cost is now more evenly spread out between more t-shirts. Hence, it is by far the most economical and popular printing mode for large quantity tee print.

If we are talking about smaller quantity, then silk screen printing may not be the right choice to go for. This is because of its initial setup cost that is involved. Usually, it require a minimum order quantity in order to make silk screen printing a worth while method to select. So, if you are looking at vibrant and colourful t-shirts design, then silk screen printing is not for you.

If you are keen to try out silkscreen printing, be sure to check out this cool video. This video show you how to DIY your t-shirts printing using a self build t-shirt screen printing press.

Heat Transfer Printing

Low quantity, many colours. When you have an assortment of colours in your design, consider heat transfer printing. This is the most suitable printing option for smaller order. It is especially popular with printing t-shirts that involves multiple colours in its design, when full colour print is needed.

Should you be looking at printing tees that require photo finishing quality with vibrant and bright colours, heat transfer printing is your best bet. With heat press, you can opt for the printing effects you like, be it photo finishing, matt finishing, vinyl finishing or metallic colour.

As you see, one clear advantage of heat press lies in is the ability to print smaller quantity at affordable price. No doubt this is an economical option for small quantity. And not like silk screen printing, there is no initial setup cost involved. The flexibility allows you to print just one single piece without incurring hefty cost.

To sum up in term of cost saving, if you are printing t shirts in larger quantity, it is still better to go with silkscreen print as you would enjoy a lower overall cost with higher quality assured.

Direct To Garment Printing Also Known As DTG

Direct to garment printing also known as DTG print is the process of printing on t shirt using modified inkjet technology. With DTG printing, printing on tees is virtually as easy as printing on paper. The thing with DTG is that it print well on white t-shirts. However, not so for darker colour t-shirt such as black t-shirts. It is the newest form of technology compared to heat press and screen printing.

The above presented are the 3 most popular t-shirt printing methods. Everyone has its pros as well as cons. If you ask which is the best method, there is no one best printing method. It really has to depend on your t shirt printing requirement. As a quick and general guideline, if your quantity is large with 1-4 colours printing, it is cheaper to use silkscreen. On the other hand, if you need more than four colours printing and your quantity is lower, the best option is the heat transfer method.

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